Cancer Surgery

When you have cancer, you want the most experienced surgeons on your treatment team. Turn to William R. Bliss Cancer Center for skilled care in an advanced, well-equipped setting designed with patients like you in mind.

How Surgery Treats Cancer

Your cancer care team may recommend a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous tumor from your body. Sometimes, your surgeon may also take out the organ or tissue the cancer is in, such as the breast or prostate. This approach treats cancer and helps prevent it from coming back.

Other times, a surgeon may remove only part of a tumor, especially if removing all the cancer could harm an organ.

Complete Care

Regardless of the best surgical approach for your situation, your doctor may recommend cancer medicines or radiation therapy as well. Those treatments help destroy any remaining cancer cells after surgery, so you experience a better long-term outcome.

Less Invasive Options

Ask if your surgeon at Mary Greeley Medical Center will take a minimally invasive approach, which uses the smallest and fewest incisions possible to perform a procedure. This technique lets you recover faster with less pain and scarring.

For some minimally invasive procedures, surgeons use the da Vinci® surgical robot. This advanced technology has “arms” that bend and rotate more than human hands. They help surgeons perform certain types of surgery with smaller incisions.

Preparing for Surgery

Learn how to get ready for surgery and what to expect during your recovery.

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