TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

If your cancer treatment plan includes radiation therapy, targeted treatments using the TrueBeam® linear accelerator may be right for you. Stay near your home in central Iowa while you benefit from this advanced technology, available at William R. Bliss Cancer Center in Ames.

What TrueBeam Treats

Thanks to its pinpoint accuracy, the TrueBeam system can treat many different types of tumors, including those in sensitive areas of the:

  • Abdomen
  • Breast
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Neck

High Accuracy, Less Radiation

You’ll get effective treatment with less radiation because TrueBeam:

  • Uses an extremely accurate system to give the exact radiation dose you need precisely where you need it
  • Makes 3D images that help your doctor fine-tune the radiation beam to the shape of your tumor, sparing surrounding healthy organs from radiation
  • Adjusts the radiation beam for tumors that move as you breathe, especially during lung cancer treatments

Faster, Quieter Treatment

With TrueBeam, you spend just a few minutes a day in treatment. Feel free to play music during therapy sessions or just relax as the machine operates quietly. Rest assured that at any time during a session, you can talk to the radiation therapist who runs the machine.

Preparing for Treatment

You may get X-rays or other imaging scans to create pictures of the tumor and surrounding area in your body. Your doctors will then use the images to plan your radiation treatment.

Before your first therapy session, a member of your care team may make a small mark on your skin to help direct the radiation to the right spot.

During Treatment

Your first TrueBeam session may last longer than follow-up treatments so the machine can take more images to ensure accuracy. A radiation therapist will help you get in place on the treatment table. Depending on where your cancer is, you may need a special molded device to help you stay in the right position as comfortably as possible.

When you’re ready, the TrueBeam technology will rotate around you to deliver radiation at precise angles.

Side Effects

Ask about support services that can help you manage side effects of radiation treatment, such as fatigue (tiredness) and skin irritation. Rest assured that radiation therapy is safe and effective, and it doesn’t put anyone you’re close to at risk.

Beam On

Thanks to TrueBeam, Margaret Mumma finished radiation therapy for breast cancer much sooner—and with fewer side effects.

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