Chemotherapy, Biotherapy & Infusion

Your personal cancer treatment plan may include medicines—such as chemotherapy, biotherapy (immunotherapy), infusion, and hormone therapy. Rely on us to help you stay as comfortable as possible during your care at William R. Bliss Cancer Center.


One of the most common cancer treatments, chemotherapy kills cells that grow quickly. This includes cancer cells, but also some cells involved in digestion and hair growth. That means you may experience side effects. Trust your cancer care team to help you relieve side effects with supportive care, including one-on-one nutrition counseling, which can improve your quality of life during treatment.


Also called immunotherapy, biotherapy uses your body’s own immune system to battle cancer. Depending on the specific medicine you’re prescribed, this treatment may work by:

  • Making it easier for your immune system to recognize cancer cells as a threat, so it fights them
  • Stimulating your immune system to attack cancer cells

Unlike chemotherapy, biotherapy targets just cancer, not also healthy tissue. That reduces side effects.

Your doctor may order immunotherapy along with radiation therapy for almost any cancer type, including lung, kidney, and blood cancers.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy starves tumors of the hormones they need to grow. Your doctor may recommend this treatment for breast cancer or prostate cancer. You may receive it by infusion (through a vein) or as a pill you swallow.

Infusion Center

If your medicine is delivered through a vein, you’ll come to our comfortable, modern Outpatient Infusion Center for treatment. Count on a compassionate cancer nurse to take care of you. An onsite cancer pharmacist will make sure you get the right medicines and, when needed, teach you how to take them safely at home.

Feel free to bring a loved one to treatment sessions. They can wait in a spacious, relaxing area with free WiFi or visit the beautiful, nearby rooftop garden.

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