Breast Cancer Care

Find comprehensive breast cancer care from the specialists at William R. Bliss Cancer Center in Ames, Iowa.

Nationally Accredited Breast Center

Experience and results matter when it comes to preventing, diagnosing, and treating breast cancer. Our dedicated breast center is recognized by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). This means you’ll benefit from:

  • Well-rounded, multidisciplinary approach to care and treatment
  • Education and support about breast cancer
  • Access to clinical trials and information about new treatments
  • Compassionate team of doctors, nurses, and other professionals who care about your health, safety, and satisfaction

Your Care Team

Work with your care team to create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs. Benefit from working with breast cancer experts and other specialists who provide you with prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery services, so you can focus on healing.

Comprehensive Services

Access a full range of services to detect and treat breast cancer:

  • Breast cancer risk assessment and genetic cancer services to learn more about your health and risk factors
  • Screening and diagnostic tests, such as mammography, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and breast biopsy
  • Cancer medications, such as chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy, taken orally at home or at our outpatient clinic
  • Radiation therapies, including:
    • Hypofractionation radiation – Divides treatment into large doses to be given less often
    • MammoSite® radiation – Places tiny radioactive pellets near the tumor and later removes them
    • Partial breast radiation – Uses high-power X-rays to destroy cancer cells to a smaller area of the breast
    • Prone breast radiation – Reduces radiation exposure since you will lie on a table to avoid radiation exposure to major organs
    • SAVI® brachytherapy – Delivers radiation from inside the body for women with early-stage breast cancer
  • Surgery, such as a lumpectomy (tumor removal), partial or full mastectomy (breast removal), and reconstructive surgery

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Ask your doctor about the benefits of being part of a breast cancer clinical trial. Clinical trials can give you access to new tests, treatments, or support services.

Support After Surgery

Rely on our compassionate team to help you find a comfortable fit for your breast prosthesis for post-mastectomy care. You’ll work with a breast prosthesis specialist in a private room at the Cancer Resource Center to find the style, size, and color that meet your preferences.

Lymphedema Therapy

Take part in lymphedema therapy to help prevent and manage swelling that can happen after breast surgery.

We Are Ready for You

Lora was looking forward to so many things—the Christmas holidays, her kids’ upcoming graduations. Then she discovered a lump. Find out how Lora’s life changed almost overnight and how Bliss Cancer Center was ready for Lora.

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A mammogram is the best screening test for breast cancer today.

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