Cancer Patient Stories

Find out how Mary Greeley Medical Center has helped some of your neighbors and their families during their cancer journey.

Craig's Cancer Journey

A diagnosis of colon cancer was just the beginning of Craig’s cancer journey [VIDEO]. Find out how this father, husband and local dentist survived cancer with the help of the cancer team at Mary Greeley.

Lora's Breast Cancer Story

Lora was getting ready for family celebrations. Then she discovered a lump. Find out how Lora’s life changed almost overnight, and how Mary Greeley was ready for Lora. Listen to Lora's story [VIDEO].

Beam On

With TrueBeam, Mary Greeley Medical Center took radiation treatment to a new level for Margaret Mumma's breast cancer.

A Mother's Decision

Sarah Moore's two kids were all the reason she needed to get genetic testing for the breast cancer gene. Upon learning the result was positive, she knew the difficult choice she had to make.

Family Medicine

A special place at Mary Greeley became an unexpected second home for the family of new dad Steve Peterson as he battled leukemia.

All the Support She Needed

With no family history of breast cancer, Lora VanDePol was shocked to learn at just 45 that she had the worst kind of breast tumor. But caring staff at Mary Greeley's accredited breast cancer center reassured her. "I didn't meet one person that wasn't willing to do anything they needed to get me better," she said.

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