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Read helpful tips for finding and contacting William R. Bliss Cancer Center, a network of departments and services from Mary Greeley Medical Center and McFarland Clinic in Ames, Iowa. Before your visit, confirm with your doctor the specific department or location where you’ll receive care.

On the Mary Greeley Campus

Many Bliss Cancer Center services are provided on the Mary Greeley campus (1111 Duff Avenue in Ames). View driving directions and parking information for the medical center.

North Addition

Use the hospital’s North Entrance to access Bliss Cancer Center services in the North Addition. If you need to travel to the second floor, use elevator D.

First Floor: Radiation Oncology

Find the Radiation Oncology Department on the first floor of Mary Greeley’s North Addition. Come to this location for radiation treatment, including therapy using the TrueBeam​® linear accelerator. You may interact with Mary Greeley’s staff or a McFarland Clinic radiation oncologist.

The Radiation Oncology Department is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 515-239-2411 to reach our staff.

First Floor: Radiology & Medical Imaging

You may visit Mary Greeley’s Radiology Department for screening and diagnostic imaging services, such as a mammogram or other test. Request an appointment online or call 515-239-2132 for more information.

If you use the hospital’s Main Entrance, take a left at the welcome desk and go past the gift shop. Take a right and pass the restrooms. Then, take a left and walk down the hallway, passing elevator A and the Surgery Family Waiting Room. You’ll see the Radiology Department on the right side of the hallway, and you can check in at the registration desk.

If you use the hospital’s North Entrance, go straight down the hallway. The Radiology Department and its registration desk will be on your left.

Second Floor: Oncology & Hematology

The McFarland Clinic Medical Oncology and Hematology unit is located on the second floor of Mary Greeley’s North Addition. You may visit this office if you have an appointment with your McFarland Clinic oncologist (cancer doctor) or need to receive chemotherapy.

Contact us at 515-239-4401 during our open hours (7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday). Visit McFarland Clinic’s website to:

  • Search for a doctor
  • Learn what to bring to your first appointment and what to expect
  • Find other helpful resources for patients and visitors

Second Floor: Cancer Clinical Trials

Contact the clinical trials office at 515-239-4734. If you’re participating in a study, you may visit our office on the second floor of the North Addition.

Second Floor: Cancer Resource Center

The Cancer Resource Center is a dedicated space for you and your family to receive support, services, and information. It’s housed near the McFarland Clinic Oncology & Hematology unit on the second floor of Mary Greeley’s North Addition. The Cancer Resource Center offers:

  • Cancer nurse navigator program, which pairs you with an advocate who coordinates your medical care, answers questions, and connects you with helpful services
  • Classes, support groups, and other events
  • Library of cancer-related books and media
  • Full-service boutique offering free and low-cost specialty supplies, such as wigs, prosthetics, and garments
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Financial assistance recommendations, including information about free and low-cost breast cancer screenings
  • Care of lymphedema (swelling that may happen after breast cancer treatment)
  • Nutrition counseling

The Cancer Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Contact us at 515-956-6440 or request an appointment online. Some services require scheduled appointments and registration.

West Patient Tower

Enter Mary Greeley through the West Entrance (near the hospital’s Main Entrance) if you’re receiving care in the West Patient Tower. Take elevator G to access Bliss Cancer Center services on the fifth floor of the tower.

Fifth Floor: Outpatient Infusion Center

If your cancer treatment plan includes outpatient infusion therapy—also called intravenous or IV therapy—come to the West Patient Tower’s fifth floor. You may have an infusion for medications like chemotherapy. Reach infusion center staff at [phone number].

Fifth Floor: Inpatient Rooms & Family Suites

“Inpatient” refers to an overnight stay in the hospital for care. Your room will be located on the fifth floor of the West Patient Tower in our dedicated Oncology Unit. The unit is a peaceful and soothing part of the hospital that houses:

  • 16 inpatient rooms
  • Three Burke Family Suites. These home-like suites offer sliding door-connected rooms for patients and their loved ones staying for several days. Learn more about amenities in the Burke Family Suites.

Call [phone number] to speak with Oncology Unit staff.

Fifth Floor: Rooftop Garden

All patients, visitors, and staff are welcome to visit our rooftop garden. Located on the fifth floor of the West Patient Tower, the garden offers a quiet, plant-filled space for meditation and reflection.

McFarland Clinic on Duff Avenue

You may also receive services related to your cancer care at McFarland Clinic at 1215 Duff Ave. This location isn’t on Mary Greeley’s campus, but it’s conveniently very close. Your doctor may order the following at this location:

  • Laboratory services, such as blood tests
  • Radiology and imaging scans

McFarland Clinic’s Duff Avenue office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 515-239-4400 to reach office staff or schedule an appointment at this location.

Local Partnership Delivers Streamlined Care

Bliss Cancer Center is a collaboration between Mary Greeley and McFarland Clinic. Throughout your cancer journey, rely on us to always put your comfort, safety, convenience, and well-being first—so you can focus on healing. Whatever department or facility you visit, our compassionate team is specially trained to focus on the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients.

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